About Us

The idea behind EZ Dental Charts© is simple: combine cutting-edge technology with deep industry insight to create the fastest and most legally robust dental charting tool on the market today. Our heritage lies in the professional journey of our founder and CEO Jeff Tonner.

As one of the leading dental malpractice defense attorneys in the U.S., Jeff grew tired of seeing his clients -- all dentists -- fall victim to the inherent shortcomings in dental charting. He recognized the same pattern emerging time and again: that the current charts used by most dentist are an afterthought, poorly designed to optimally help dentists and patients. In Jeff’s view, there are 2 central product failures with most dental charts:

  1. They are time consuming
  2. They provide weak legal protection

He knew there had to be a better way, so he decided to launch EZ Dental Charts© in the summer of 2019.

EZ Dental Charts© provides two unique benefits to its subscribers:

  • Speed: Our progress note templates use pre-filled slides that allow dentists (or their staff) to produce flawless records in seconds, not minutes. If you want to see what we mean, try our demo chart on .
  • Legal defensibility: Each template and consent form is specifically crafted by one of the nation’s leading dental risk management experts to help keep you and your staff protected in the event of a dental board case, lawsuit, etc. Better still, our charts evolve and improve along with the case law, keeping your practice on the leading edge when it comes to risk management.

List of Templates

We current provide 27 templates. More will be added as subscribers request additional material.

Anxiolysis (Pre-Treatment)
Anxiolysis (Day Of Treatment)
Crown & Bridge (Prep)
Crown & Bridge (Delivery)
Dentures (OV 1 Exam & Prelim Impressions)
Dentures (OV 2 Custom Tray)
Dentures (OV 3 Bite Registration & Centric)
Dentures (OV 4 Try-in)
Dentures (OV 5 Delivery)
Dentures (OV 6 Post-Op Check)
Implant Placement
Implant Restoration
Initial Examination
Scaling And Root Planing
Sleep Apnea (Initial Assessment and Referral)
Sleep Apnea (2nd OV After Returning From MD)
Sleep Apnea (MAD Delivery)
Sleep Apnea (Post-Delivery Check)

Free Consent Forms

EZ Dental Charts© subscriptions also include 33 custom designed consent forms designed by Jeff.

Our consent forms stand apart by including the percentages of success, so that the patient knows that a failure can occur and is not the dentist’s fault.  For example, endodontics is 95% successful, success defined as (a) taking the patient out of pain and (b) keeping the tooth for a period of years. Our custom designed consent forms cover the following areas:

Arbitration Agreement
Bone Grafting
CBCT Warning
Change to Treatment Plan under Sedation
Conscious Sedation
Controlled Substances
Explanation of Gum Disease
HIPAA Release
Immediate Temporary Dentures
Independent Contractor Agreement
Membership Agreement
Patient Termination Letters
Permission to Use Photos
Platelet Rich Fibrin
Refund of Money and Liability Release
Release of Dental Information
Sedation Escort Instructions
Sleep Apnea
Scaling Root Planing